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2 Tone Posters on Sky

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

NEWS – Look out for 2 Tone posters in a TV production for SKY1 provisionally called ‘Little Crackers – Better Than Christmas’ starring Kathy Burke which has been filmed. It is a short 10 minute comedy short written by Kathy Burke, about her last day at school when she met her idols the Clash.

Kathy was a massive 2 Tone fan and there is a scene when she picks out some 2 tone badges to wear when she is getting ready for school. 2 Tone Posters were pleased to supply posters for the background set dressing for Kathy’s bedroom. Provisionally to be shown in December.

Kathy Burke

Skabour Banners Art on eBay

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Folkestone Skabour Festival are auctioning the banners on eBay that were over the stage for the opening night of The Beat and The Skatonics performances Friday Sept 3rd 2010 and on The Gillespie pub and signed by the designer Teflon aka John Sims

They are PVC digital printed, black & white, hemmed 2 x 1 metres with brass eyelets.

Proceeds will go towards Folkestone Skabour Festival 2011 budget… and hey rudiĀ  that is gonna be more than good.

Happy bidding rude boys and rude girls for a bit of history and icon art… be quick going in the next few days.