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What do you mean its April 2011?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Apologies to all you Rudies for not keeping pace with the 2 Tone Posters updates on the website but thank you for your orders in 2011.

It is amazing to hear from 2 Tone fans from the UK, Finland, Australia, Italy, Germany, France etc and what these graphics of art mean to you as well as the music.

My day job as a designer means I have to keep working, but in between this, the explosion of ska music events again in the UK has been astounding. I am also busy working with the Skabour team to bring the 2nd Folkestone Skabour Festival again on September 2, 3 and 4 (see for details). The daytime event is in the harbour and FREE. The evening events are ticketed and this pays for the daytime FREE ska music. We are very pleased that this is supported by Trojan Records. So expect some surprises. Announcements and line up soon.

On 2 Tone Posters we are working on a new website with more products so keep visiting. I also hope to have a book published this year on the art of 2 Tone and available through the new website.