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Dennis Bovell “Mek It Run” album design

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Just completed the design and artwork for new DENNIS BOVELL “MEK IT RUN” album cover on CD and vinyl for the Pressure Sounds label.

The design is based on the tape reels of old but the music and sheer talent comes through of Dennis today and that quality edge that will have your head and body rocking with the “riddem”. These are tracks were unfinished works that lay in boxes of old 2 inch multi track analogue masters tapes dating back to the 70s/mid 80s. They were carefully “baked” for digital conversion and carefully reworked by Dennis.

CDs are ready and order now from …. This is a truly fabulous album for your collection with these great tracks:

l. Vargen (Dub for Basboosa) – Dennis Bovell (3.41)

2. Mek It Run (Run Rasta Run) – Dennis Bovell (2:40)

3. Princess Dub – Dennis Bovell (4:18)

4. In Tha Mix – Dennis Bovell (3:46)

5. Secret Service – Dennis Bovell (4:01)

6. Dub d’Cap’n – Dennis Bovell (3:35)

7. Floods of Tears – Dennis Bovell/Noel Green (3:49)

8. Saxophonagravaparachuterregga – Dennis Bovell (3:47)

9. Afreecan – featuring I Roy/Dennis Bovell (3:35)

lO. Binghi Man – Dennis Bovell (3:35)

ll. Dub Code – Dennis Bovell (3:45)

l2. Regole Pas – Dennis Bovell (3:54)

l3. Burden – featuring I.Roy/Dennis Bovell (4.47)

l4. Cross to Bear – Dennis Bovell (4:45)

l5. Wallpaper Eraser – Dennis Bovell (3:14)

l6. After the Storm (Tahrir Rock) – Dennis Bovell (5:05)

Need I say more… just get it.

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