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Re-created 2 tone icons

Sunday, May 9th, 2021

I have been commissioned to recreate and illustrate Walt Jabsco for a chap in California as a gift to his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary. His wife being a long time 2 Tone ska fan. Bit of an unusual request as most buy prints and posters of my artworks but this was a bit special so my Magic Markers and Pentel Pens rolled again but with absolutely no room for error or Tippex. Glad to say all OK and now ready to despatch to USA. The originals being one currently on loan to Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry for their up and coming exhibition commencing May 19th 2021 and the other with a good mate in Hastings.
The original Walt Jabsco was created by Jerry Dammers in 1979. I then made a master artwork as the original was to small to use for print. The Nutty Dancer Walt was an expression I drew for the first Madness single on 2 Tone.
Walt Jabsco_Re-Create_USA